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Project Gear Room: Part 1

Updated: Jun 11

A project I've had on the backburner for a long time is creating a gear room where I can store my gear, and as a place to ride my bike trainer and run on my treadmill. Well, the timeline for this project began quickly accelerating when we found out my wife was pregnant! She is due this summer and the baby's room is my current gear room, which is full of my stuff. So to prepare the baby's room, we will be converting the garage into the gear room.

There are three main phases involved in converting the garage. The first phase was to build a shed in the backyard. This was needed to store things like the lawnmower, yard tools, and gas cans (things that contribute dirt and odors to the garage). That was completed in February and we now have a lot more space in the garage.

I'm currently in the middle of the second phase - painting. The garage had drywall when we moved in, but was unfinished. Before paining could commence, I had to bring the drywall to a level 4 finish, which involves covering everything with a thin layer of drywall mud. This has been a time consuming and laborious process, but I'm nearing the end of applying the mud and so far it looks fantastic. I've consulted a lot of youtube videos and had to refine my technique, as this is my first experience with drywall. I should be finished with the mud soon and will then apply a drywall primer and then a light gray paint. I'm not using a texture as I prefer the look of smooth walls.

The third phase will be the flooring. I'm planning on using a concrete sealer to coat the floor. This will provide a waterproof cover that will work well with sweat, or muddy hiking shoes. I'm thinking a black colored sealer that will *hopefully* have a very smooth (almost glass-like) finish when it's done. As soon as the painting is done I'll need to pressure wash the floor before I can apply the sealer.

Once the flooring and painting are done, The garage will be ready for me to move my gear there. There will still be many things to do once my gear has been moved, like adding closet shelving for my jackets, installing a sink, adding pegboard for backpacks, ropes, etc. and replacing the light fixtures with nicer ones, but the main thing we're focusing on is getting the bare minimum done so that we can empty out the baby's room.


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