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Project Gear Room: Part 3

I officially completed the gear room about a month ago, and have had some time to get things setup and organized. It's still a work in progress - and probably always will be to some extent - but it has reached a certain level of completeness. I wanted to show some photos if its current state and share some of the details

I added some LED lights to the underside of the overhead storage racks (mostly so I can see my watch/bike computer screens) as it was kinda dark in this corner before. I wall mounted a tv and the Xbox 360 for entertainment while cycling. I'll be adding another tv for the treadmill, but that probably won't be for a few months.

My climbing and backpacking gear is now organized on the pegboard, and the backpacks, duffels and climbing ropes are stored on a Fasttrack just below. You may also notice the Diamondback bike frame on the bike stand - more on that later on.....

Jackets and sleeping bags are properly hung up and organized. The shelves are still quite messy, that's mostly due to the fact that I have a lot of things on there that just kind of pile up on a shelf (dry bags, stuff sacks, etc.) I'll be getting some wire mesh drawers to store those kinds of things.

Here you can see the pull-up bar. It's been nice to have this, especially since the gyms have been closed. The lower closet rod is for drying workout clothes with a tray just below it to catch the drips of sweat. The sink is hooked up to the water heater and works great. The drain though is currently just a bucket. This works okay but I may create a permanent drain at some point. Right next to the sink is a dehumidifier, which has been very nice to have. Even just a 45 minute run will bring the humidity above 90%.

A lot of the improvements I have in the pipeline are cosmetic ones (posters and other decorations.) I still have some organization to do and will be making small tweaks for a long time.

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