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2019: Year in Review

This past year had some ups and downs, with some events not quite going to plan, but was overall a very successful and enjoyable year. Here's a brief synopsis of all things triathlon and mountaineering related that took place in 2019:


My dad and I climbed Mt. St. Helens, and it was my first time to the top. It's a pretty mellow climb and we had decent weather, but it was quite windy at the summit. I tried to snowboard down and was marginally successful.


In June I ran the Green River Marathon. It's a great race and features a pancake-flat course. Unfortunately, I had an off day and ran just a little over 3:30, almost thirty minutes longer than my PR.

Later that month I climbed Mt. Adams with some friends. We stretched the climb out over two days and slept at the lunch counter. The weather held out and we summited on a bluebird day. This was my second summit on Adams.


My longest event for the year by far was the Seattle to Portland bike ride, totaling over 200 miles. I finished in a little over 12 hours, which included 1.5hrs of mechanical issues (2 flat tires, one of which required a new tire, not just a tube), and 30 minutes of food breaks. 10hrs and 19min total riding time, and last time I did this took two days when I was 15, so that's definitely a PR!


My wife and I did a short backpacking trip near Mt. Rainier in August. We didn't go very far, but we did get some great views and thoughly enjoyed out time in the outdoors.


Dad and I did our annual Enchantments thru hike. This year was a little different though. It snowed like crazy and we had to walk through a blizzard with a foot fo snow on the ground. It's usually cold this time of year, but this was a unique experience.


It may not be the longest of the year, but my biggest event was Ironman Arizona. I got nauseous on the swim, and my time suffered because of it. I made up some time with a great bike time and finished it off with a decent run. I set a new PR of 11hrs and 24min, so I definitely feel good about that!

Gear highlights of the year:

Shimano DI2 groupset: upgraded my bike to electronic shifting, and it has been fantastic! Shifting is so much more responsive, and having shifters on both the aerobats and bullhorns is truly a game-changer for the tri bike.

Bight Gear Glacier Short: These are insulated shorts with full-side zips to easily remove when you heat up. The idea being that you use these instead of a baselayer as long underwear is difficult to remove when you're on the side of a mountain. These kept my legs warm and were very easy to take off when things got warm. Would definitely recommend!

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